Address: Russia, 107140, Moscow, Malaya Krasnoselskaya st. 2/8, bld. 5.
Tel.: +7 (499) 264-00-03, fax: +7 (499) 264-28-59.

Travelling by subway (walking route from Krasnoselskaya Metro Station)

To take last coach if you move from the Center of Moscow. Turn right at the street and walk down the Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Street. Having passed Babaev confectionery (red building), walk down by Malaya Krasnoselskaya street – it is a blind alley, up to NIKIET building. To the right of you there will be building of yellow and terra-cotta colour. It is a building of SEC NRS. It will take you 15 minutes from metro station. Other option – to take taxi № 387 (up to terminal point) or bus №122 (bus stop “Babaev confectionery”).

By car

In case you use the inner side of Third Ring Road (TTK), turn to the right after the tunnel. Then to move along Third Ring Road (TTK) backwards up to highways crossing with Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya street. Then to turn left and continue to move by Malaya Krasnoselskaya street up to blind street.
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