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NP-034-15. Regulations on physical protection of radioactive substances, radioactive sources and storage facilities

NP-035-02. Dry storage of spent nuclear fuel. Safety requirements

NP-036-05. Rules for arrangement and operation of safety-related ventilation systems of nuclear power plants

NP-037-11. Safety rules for decommissioning of ships and other floating craft with nuclear installations and radiation sources

NP-038-16. General provisions of safety assurance for radioactive sources

NP-040-02. Rules for hydrogen explosion protection assurance at nuclear power plants

NP-043-18. Rules for arrangement and safe operation of hoisting machines and mechanisms used at nuclear facilities

NP-044-18. Rules for arrangement and safe operation of pressure vessels for nuclear facilities

NP-045-18. Rules for arrangement and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers for nuclear facilities

NP-046-18. Rules for arrangement and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers for nuclear facilities

NP-048-03. Nuclear safety rules for pulse research reactors

NP-049-17. Requirements for contents of safety analysis reports for nuclear research installations

NP-052-04. Rules for safety assurance during temporary storage of radioactive waste generated in the course of extraction, processing and use of mineral resources

NP-054-04. Standards for strength calculations of equipment components and pipelines for marine nuclear steam-generating plants with water-water reactors

NP-059-05. Nuclear safety rules for subcritical stands (PBYa PKS-2005)

NP-062-05. Rules of Design and Safe Operation of Equipment and Products of Reactor Plants with Water Coolant of Floating Nuclear Plants

NP-064-17. Record of external natural and human-induced impacts on nuclear facilities

NP-067-16. Basic Regulations for Accounting and Control of Radioactive Substances and Radioactive Waste in the Organization

NP-068-05. Pipeline Valves for Nuclear Power Plants. General technical requirements

NP-071-18. Rules for assessment of compliance of products, for which requirements related to safety in the field of atomic energy use as well as requirements for processes of its designing (including surveys), production, construction, installation

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ядерная и радиационная безопасность

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