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NP-072-13. Rules of reclassification of nuclear materials into radioactive substances or radioactive waste

NP-073-11. Rules of physical protection of radioactive substances and radioactive sources during transportation

NP-074-06. Requirements for planning and ensuring preparedness for elimination of consequences of accidents during transportation of nuclear materials and radioactive substances

NP-079-18. Requirements to Planning of Measures for Actions and Protection of Personnel at Nuclear and Radiological Accidents on Vessels and Other Watercraft with Nuclear Reactors

NP-081-07. Requirements for Organization of Material Balance Areas

NP-084-15. Rules for control of base metal, welded joints and deposited surfaces during operation of equipment, pipelines and other elements of nuclear power plants

NP-085-10. Requirements to Physical Protection of Vessels with Nuclear Power Plants and Vessels Transporting Nuclear Materials

NP-086-12. Rules for design and operation of actuating mechanisms of reactivity modification devices

NP-088-11. Regulation on the Procedure for Investigation and Registration of Disruptions in Operation of Vessels with Nuclear Installations and Radiation Sources

NP-089-15. Rules for design and safe operation of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power facilities

NP-091-14. Ensuring of safety during decommissioning of nuclear facilities. General provisions

NP-092-14. Periodical safety assessment of nuclear research installations

NP-094-15. Basic requirements for justification of strength and thermo-mechanical behavior of fuel assemblies and fuel elements in the nuclear core of pressurized water reactors

NP-095-15. Basic requirements to probabilistic safety assessment of a nuclear power plant power unit

NP-096-15. Requirements for management of service life of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power plants. General provisions

NP-097-16. Requirements for safe decommissioning of radioactive waste storage facilities

NP-098-17. Installations for Production of Plutonium-Containing Nuclear Fuel. Safety Requirements

NP-099-17. Requirements for the scope and contents of safety analysis report for radioactive waste storage facilities

NP-100-17. Requirements for the content of safety analysis reports for radioactive waste disposal sites

NP-101-17. General provisions of safety assurance for spacecraft with nuclear reactors

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