The first meeting of the SEC NRS Scientific and Technical Council in 2022

05.04.2022 The report of Mr. S.A. Shevchenko, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Head of Calculated Safety Justification Division was devoted to the problems of estimate of the error of neutronic calculations performed for justification of safety of innovative fast neutron reactors. The opponent to the report was Mr. Yu.S. Khomyakov,  Dr. Phys.-Math. Sciences, Head of the Science Division of JSC "Proryv".

The modern development of the precise neutronic computer codes allows for considerable reduction of methodological errors in calculation results. In this context, the STC discussed the approaches to evaluation of the error components conditioned by the uncertainty of nuclear data and by the uncertainty of process parameters of the innovative reactor installations, for the purpose to confirm the conservatism of approach to justification of nuclear safety. The expediency to update the Safety Guide RB-061-11 «Provision on Verification of Software in the Field of “Neutron and Physical Calculations"" was noted.

In the second part of the meeting, Mr. A.L. Vasilishin, Head of Laboratory of the Division for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities Safety, presented an information message on a self-assessment of the safety culture in Rostechnadzor Department for Regulation of Safety of NPPs and Nuclear Research Installations. SEC NRS specialists took part in the processing of the self-assessment results.

The discussion was attended by Mr. A.A. Khamaza, Candidate of the Engineering Sciences, Director of SEC NRS; Mr. R.B. Sharafutdinov, Candidate of the Engineering Sciences, Deputy Director of SEC NRS; and other members of the Scientific and Technical Council, as well as the invited participants of the meeting, namely: Ms. T.Yu. Bogdanova, Head of Rostechnadzor Department 5; Mr. V.A. Manakov, Acting Head of Rostechnadzor Department 6; Mr. M.I. Miroshnichenko, Chief Engineer of Rostechnadzor Department 5, Mr. D.N. Polyakov, Deputy Head of Rostechnadzor Department 5.

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