15.08.2018 Введены в действие РБ-150-18
Рекомендации по формированию окончательного перечня запроектных аварий, подлежащих учету в проекте атомных станций с реакторами типа ВВЭР.

14.08.2018 Отмена ПНАЭ Г-7-014-89, ПНАЭ Г-7-015-89, ПНАЭ Г-7-017-89, ПНАЭ Г-7-019-89, ПНАЭ Г-7-030-91, ПНАЭ Г-7-031-91 и ПНАЭ Г-7-032-91
«Унифицированные методики контроля основных материалов (полуфабрикатов), сварных соединений и наплавки оборудования и трубопроводов АЭУ»: «Ультразвуковой контроль. Контроль основных материалов (полуфабрикатов)», «Магнитопорошковый контроль», «Радиографический контроль» и «Контроль герметичности. Газовые и жидкостные методы», «Ультразвуковой контроль. Контроль сварных соединений и наплавки», «Ультразвуковой контроль. Измерение толщины монометаллов, биметаллов и антикоррозионных покрытий», «Ультразвуковой контроль. Контроль сварных соединений из сталей аустенитного класса».

10.08.2018 Введены в действие РБ-044-18
Рекомендации по разработке вероятностного анализа безопасности уровня 2 для блока атомной станции.

08.08.2018 Введено в действие РБ-146-18
Рекомендации по переводу пунктов размещения особых радиоактивных отходов в пункты консервации особых радиоактивных отходов и пункты захоронения радиоактивных отходов.

17.07.2018 Issue No. 88 of the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical has come out
Signed to be published on June 28, 2018. The on-line version of the Periodical is available on the website and in our free mobile application.

17.07.2018 Delegation from Vietnam visited the SEC NRS
Guests were presented with the information on the activity of SEC NRS as the scientific and technical support organization of Rostechnadzor. Furthermore, the SEC NRS demonstrated to the Vietnamese guests its activity in support of the Information and Analytical Center of Rostechnadzor.

17.07.2018 ETSON Board and General Assembly took place in Budapest
The Board members discussed the strategic development of ETSON and further activity of its working groups.

03.07.2018 Software products developed by SEC NRS have been subjected to the state registration procedure
In SEC NRS the "Classifier INES 1.00" and "Information system on accidents at nuclear research installations" software products have been developed for the purposes of scientific and technical support to Rostechnadzor.

22.06.2018 New web-site of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Journal
You'll find the archive of articles for the past years, official documents, drafts of regulatory documents, international and reference information. Almost all articles of the Journal are available for free.

20.06.2018 SEC NRS took part in the Sixth Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management
SEC NRS employees, included in the delegation of Rostechnadzor headed by Alexey Ferapontov, Deputy Chairman of Rostechnadzor, took part in the Sixth Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, that was held in the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna (Austria) within May 21 – June 1, 2018.

06.06.2018 Amendments to the RB-025-15
The Contents of the Annual Report of Operating Organization on Assessment of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Status of Nuclear Research Installations.

05.06.2018 RB-147-18 has been put into effect
Self-Assessment of the Current Nuclear and Radiation Safety Status of a Nuclear Research Installation by the Operating Organization.

05.06.2018 SEC NRS will take part in the XI Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition-2018
In the period June 6–8, 2018, one of the outstanding annual events will take place that is the XI Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition-2018. It is the third year in sequence, when the exhibition will be held on the territory of the Noginsk Rescue Center of the EMERCOM of Russia. Annually it attracts more than 20 thousand people, i.e. visitors and participants. The arrangers of this largest inter-agency exhibition are the EMERCOM of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

05.06.2018 SEC NRS will take part in the Inter-Industry Scientific and Technical Seminar hosted by the FSUE “NITI named after A.P. Alexandrov”
FSUE “NITI named after A.P. Alexandrov” arranges the Inter-Industry Scientific and Technical Seminar “Modeling of a Nuclear Power Installation Dynamics”. It will take place within June 5-7, 2018 in the Sosnoviy Bor (Leningrad Region).

04.06.2018 Safety Guide RB-145-18 has been put into effect
Radiation Load Monitoring and Estimation of Burn-up Life of the VVER Equipment.

30.05.2018 SEC NRS took part in the Industry-Specific Seminar of the State Corporation ROSATOM
A.A. Stroganov, Deputy Head of SEC NRS Division for Nuclear and Radiation Safety General Issues, participated in the Industry-Specific Research and Practice Seminar "Radiation and Environmental Safety in Nuclear Power Industry" organized by the State Corporation ROSATOM. The annual Industry-Specific Seminar was held in Novosibirsk within May 21-25, 2018.

27.05.2018 Amendments to the NP-068-05
On Recognition of Certain Provisions to be Exempted from the Federal Safety Regulations in the Field of Atomic Energy Use "Pipeline Valves for Nuclear Power Plants. General Technical Requirements.

25.05.2018 Approval of the Safety Guide RB-141-18
Recommendations on the Development of the Acceptance Criteria for Radioactive Wastes to be Disposed in Designing of Near-Surface Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities.

22.05.2018 SEC NRS will participate in the ISTC-2018 Conference and Exhibition
Within May 23–24, 2018, the XIth International Scientific and Technical Conference “Safety, Efficiency and Economics of Nuclear Industry” (ISTC–2018) will be held in Moscow.

18.05.2018 Young Specialists Awards – 2018
The annual Scientific and Technical Conference "Young Specialists Awards" took place in the SEC NRS.

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