New book in the "SEC NRS Scientific Papers" series was published


The preprint for the first time makes an attempt to propose to young researches recommendations on thesis defence, which are based on a closer look for national regulatory documents and on a half a century scientific organizational experience of the author. Comments are given to the most important requirements of the documents and the author's interpretation is presented for the ways to meet the requirements. The stages of preparation of a thesis are considered in sequence together with the problems faced in the process of arrangement of the defence. The book gives advices on optimization of the problems solution. There are given examples of unique stories, which took place in the process of thesis defence, particularly, in a speciality "Nuclear Power Installations".

The recommendations are intended for a wide range of students, postgraduates and degee-seeking applicants of the leading technical institutions of our country, such as MEPhI, MPEI, BMSTU (Bauman University) training specialists in the field of atomic energy use and can be useful for attendees of upgrade training courses, and also for other specialists in the mentioned field for their motivation to preparation of thesis works.

The book is available in our Library in the section «"SEC NRS Scientific Papers"».

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