70th issue of the periodical “Nuclear and Radiation Safety”

70th issue of the periodical “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” 16.12.2013

Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Quarterly Scientific and Practice Periodical of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service

Official issue Published since 1998

№ 4(70)-2014

Editorial board: A. Ferapontov, V. Bezzubtsev, M. Miroshnichenko,
E. Kudryavtsev, V. Sidorenko



Editorial team:

A. Khamaza – Chief Editor

R. Charafoutdinov – Deputy Chief Editor

E. Bugaev, A. Dmitriev, O. Kovalevich, O. Kavun, V. Slutsker, E. Sokolova, A. Stroganov

T. Sinitsyna – Executive Secretary

Issue Editor
E. Dorogavtseva
Computer-aided publishing N. Kutumova



    • S. Bogdan, S. Shevchenko On approaches of the regulatory authorities of the countries with the developed nuclear power industry to verification and admission of feasability with regard to the use of software at substantiation of safety of nuclear facilities.
    • E. Bugaev, A. Spivak, S. Soloviev Perspectives of use of geophysical fields at site selection and substantiation of stability of geodynamic and seismic conditions at NPP operation.
    • S. Khizhnyak, V. Bredova Application of PSA formalized model for evaluation of the detected NPP events.

Oficial documents

    • Policy Statement. Openness and transparency in the field of the state regulation of safety at nulear energy use.
    • Safety Rules for Decomissioning of Ships and other Floating Crafts with Nuclear Installations and Radiation Sources. NP-037-11
    • Provisions on the Procedure of Investigation and Accounting of Events in Operation of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities. NP-047-11
    • Rules for Design and Operation of Control Rod Actuators. NP-086-12
    • Requirements to Emergency Power Supply Systems of Nuclear Power Plants. NP-087-11
    • Final Survey and Clearance of Research Nuclear Installations from the Federal State Supervision in the Field of the Use of Atomic Energy. RB-079-12

Drafts of regulatory documents

International information

    • The IAEA Follow-Up Mission completed the integrated regulatory review with regard to provision of nuclear and radiation safety in the Russian Federation. .
    • List of documents of international organizations, approved in 2013.

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