Rostechnadzor received the official report of the IAEA on the results of the IAEA integrated regulatory review service follow-up mission held in Russia in November 2013


In early May 2014, Mr. Denis Flory, the IAEA Deputy Director General, forwarded to the address of Rostechnadzor the IAEA final report on the results of the integrated regulatory review service (IRRS) follow-up mission that was held in Moscow (the Russian Federation) in November 11-19, 2013. The final report comprises the conclusions of experts participating in the review and represents an official document which is submitted by the IAEA to the Government of the Russian Federation.

The above-mentioned report will be posted upon translation on the official website of Rostechnadzor (the text in English is available on the English version of Rostechnadzors website via following the link).

On the basis of the received final report, the Rostechnadzor Action Plan with regard to implementation of the follow-up mission suggestions and recommendations aimed at further enhancement of the efficiency of the regulatory activity in Russia in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy will be updated.


The IAEA IRRS follow-up mission with regard to the regulatory activity of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostechnadzor) as an authorized body for state safety regulation at nuclear energy use in the Russian Federation was held in Moscow in November 10 -19, 2013. It included the analysis of implementation of the IRRS mission (held in November 2009) recommendations, as well as the review of Rostechnadzor’s activity in the following areas:

- emergency preparedness and response;

- lessons learned by the regulatory authority from the accident at the Japanese Fukushima-Daiichi-1 NPP.

The results of the IAEA follow-up mission are: drawing up of recommendations and suggestions for further enhancement of the efficiency of Rostechnadzor regulatory activity; as well as identification of good practices, which could be recommended to be adopted by the regulatory authorities of other IAEA member states in charge of safety at nuclear energy use.

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