SEC NRS specialists took part in the specialized exhibition organized in the framework of ATOMEXPO-2014 International Forum

SEC NRS specialists took part in the specialized exhibition organized in the framework of ATOMEXPO-2014 International Forum 11.06.2014

A specialized exhibition of the leading Russian and foreign nuclear enterprises and the related industries was held in Moscow (Gostiny Dvor) in June 9–11, 2014 in the framework of the VI ATOMEXPO-2014 International Forum.

Participation in the ATOMEXPO-2014 International Forum enables the world leaders of the industry to exchange the advanced experience and good practices in introduction of new approaches, to significantly extend their involvement and to promote the products and services to the representatives of the worldwide nuclear industry.

ATOMEXPO-2014 International Forum is the largest exhibition and business area for meetings and negotiations of the nuclear industry global leaders.

The international specialized exhibition and congress with the participation of representatives of international, state and public organizations, representatives of the Russian and foreign companies, the leading experts in the field of nuclear industry were arranged in the framework of ATOMEXPO-2014 International Forum.

The main theme of the Forum was "Nuclear Power Industry – a prerequisite of energy stability".

The target of the Forum is to provide the opportunity to the leaders of the global nuclear energy sector to determine in the public the role and share of nuclear generation in the power generation mix of the XXI century, to analyze the main challenges, problems and scenarios of the global power market development.

The participants of ATOMEXPO-2014 held outspoken and detailed discussions on all relevant topics of nuclear industry development. The Forum was conducted in a businesslike and subject specific manner due to participation in the discussions of the heads of the largest companies working in the field of nuclear sector.

In the last few years the Forum became one of the most outstanding events, where the discussion of the most actual issues of nuclear industry takes place, and the trends for the industry further development are shaped.

The highly representative status of the event and a broad spectrum of its participants both provide the companies interested in promotion of their image in the nuclear industry with the largest opportunities for stimulation of sales and attraction of new clients. According to the established practice, the participants of ATOMEXPO-2014 presented the topic-based expositions to represent their achievements in various sectors of nuclear industry, science and production.

3 544 delegates from 600 organizations have participated in the VI ATOMEXPO International Forum, including 283 foreign companies representatives. 42 foreign states were represented at the Forum. The Forum coverage was performed by 245 representatives of the Russian as well as international mass-media.

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