Enactment of NP-025-22


On July 10, 2022 the Federal Rules and Regulations NP-025-22 “Safety Rules for Onsite Transport of Radioactive Materials at Nuclear Facilities” came into effect.

The Rules stipulate safety requirements to onsite transport (transport beyond the boundaries of production buildings and structures without using common-use transport ways, including operations and works related to transport, including preparation, loading, dispatch, unloading and acceptance) of radioactive materials, containing radionuclides, for which the specific activity and the total activity do not exceed the values specified in items 1–7 of Appendix 2 to the Federal Rules and Regulations in the field of atomic energy use “Safety Rules in Transportation of Radioactive Materials” (NP-053-16), except for the materials mentioned in items «a»–«e» of i. 1.1.5 NP-053-16, nuclear fuel, spent nuclear fuel, fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors, irradiated fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors and fuel elements.

The requirements of the Rules are binding for operating organizations, as well as for organizations performing works and rendering services in the field of atomic energy use with regard to activities in the field of atomic energy use carried out at nuclear facilities, in frames of which the works on onsite transport of radioactive wastes are allowed.

The Rules do not cover the onsite transport of radioactive materials by means of pipeline transport and transport of radioactive materials within the boundaries of production buildings and structures, as well as activities related to design, manufacture, test, operation and disposal of military-oriented nuclear weapons and nuclear power installations.

Order of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia No. 145 of April 25, 2022 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on June 28, 2022 under the No. 69053).

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