72nd issue of the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical

72nd issue of the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical 25.06.2014 Nuclear and Radiation Safety Quarterly scientific and practical journal of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia

The official issue. Issued since 1998

No. 2(72)-2014

Editorial Board: A. V. Ferapontov, V.S. Bezzubtsev, M. I. Miroshnichenko, E. G. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Sidorenko

Establisher: SEC NRS

Editorial Staff:

A. A. Khamaza, Chief Editor

R. B. Sharafutdinov, Deputy Chief Editor

E. G. Bugaev, O.M. Kovalevich, O.Yu. Kavun, V.P. Slutsker, A.A. Afanasiev, A.A. Stroganov

T. V. Sinitsyna, Executive Secretary

E. A. Dorogavtseva, Editor of the Issue
N. R. Bolshakova, Computer-Aided Makeup



Е. G. Bugaev, Gouseltsev A. S., A.A. Malofeev, L.F. Silaeva, L. М. Fihieva. Some of the Results of Analysis of Hydrological Monitoring in the Region and on the Sites of Russian NPPs.

Official documents

The Structure and Contents of Report on Comprehensive Engineering and Radiation Survey for Nuclear Power Plant Units Decommissioning. RB-081-13.

Investigation and Accounting of Abnormalities in the Course of Materials Accounting and Control at Nuclear Facilities. RB-082-13.

Minimization of the Secondary Contamination of Territories, Communication Routes and Transport Means during Accidents Consequences Elimination at Nuclear Facilities. Methodology for Organization of Transport Schemes and Decontamination Units in Areas of Different Contamination Level. RB-084-13.

Draft regulatory documents

Rules of Design and Safe Operation of Equipment and Pipelines of Nuclear Power Installations. NP-089-14
Basic Requirements to Probabilistic Safety Analysis of a Nuclear Power Plant Unit. NP-ХХХ-ХХ.

Requirements to management of NPP equipment and pipelines lifetime. General provisions. NP-ХХХ-ХХ.

International information

List of documents of the international organizations approved in 2014.

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SEC NRS, 2014 г.

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