Enactment of RB-013-22


On August 2, 2022 the Safety Guide RB-013-22 “Recommendations to the Structure and Content of a NPP Unit Decommissioning Program” was put into effect.

The Safety Guide contains recommendations of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia on the structure and content of a NPP Unit Decommissioning Program.

RB-013-22 covers NPP units under pre-decommissioning and decommissioning.

The Safety Guide is intended to be applied by specialists of operating organizations and organizations performing works and rendering services to the operating organization, taking part in the development (updating) of a NPP unit decommissioning program, as well as by specialists of Rostechnadzor Headquarters.

The Safety Guide was developed with the account of the IAEA documents, including “Decommissioning of Facilities. General Safety Requirements” (GSR, Part 6) and “Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants, Research Reactors and Other Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities” (SSG-47), and also considering the domestic experience in safety regulation and ensuring in atomic energy use.

In this context, the Safety Guide RB-013-2000 “Requirements to the Contents of an NPP Power Unit Decommissioning Programme” approved by the Ordinance of the Federal Inspectorate of Russia for Nuclear and Radiation Safety No. 13 dated of November 04, 2000 shall be considered as repealed.

Order of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia No. 250 of August 2, 2022.

Full text of the document is available in our Library.

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