Departmental award of Rostechnadzor to SEC NRS employee has taken place

Departmental award of Rostechnadzor to SEC NRS employee has taken place 20.06.2016

On the 16th of June 2016, in Rostechnadzor, the medal n.a. Yakov Bruce was awarded for Anatoly Matveevich Bukrinsky, the specialist from Nuclear Power Plants Safety Division of SEC NRS. The medal was presented by Mikhail M. Miroshnichenko, the Acting Head of Department for Safety Regulation of Nuclear Plants and Research Nuclear Installations of Rostechnadzor.

Anatoly Matveevich Bukrinskiy is the Great Patriotic War veteran (home front worker). In 1950 he graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute and obtained qualification of a mechanical engineer in aircraft engines production. Has the degree of Ph. D in Engineering Science; in 1962 he defended his candidate thesis focused on “theoretical bases of thermal engineering”. His professional experience is more than 68 years of work.

Before joining SEC NRS he was working in All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute (VTI). On behalf of VTI (within the 1962-1964s) Anatoly Bukrinskiy managed the pre-commissioning activities at the first power unit of Beloyarsk nuclear plant; during the 1969-1970s he was the member of the key management team in respect to Novovoronezh NPP (Unit No. 3) commissioning.

In his position in VTI, Anatoly Bukrinskiy managed the development of pressurization system (the first in the USSR) for power reactors, that is introduced at all nuclear plants with VVER-440 reactors’ type and the development of bubbling and vacuum system for accidents localization, which is introduced at nuclear plants with VVER-440/В-213 reactors’ type in the USSR and in some foreign countries. These developments are effectively used up to now.

In 1971 Anatoly Bukrinskiy was awarded with the Order of Honour. In the period from 1969 to 1976, on behalf of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR, Anatoly Bukrinskiy was responsible for development of safety analysis report regarding the first power unit of “Loviisa” nuclear plant in Finland. He also participated in safety assessments and development of safety analysis reports for several nuclear plants abroad equipped with VVER- 440/213. In 1981 he was awarded the honorary title "Distinguished Inventor of Czechoslovakia".

He joined SEC NRS from the moment of its establishment (in 1987). Being among the first creators of the enterprise, Anatoly Bukrinskiy contributed to formation of its main directions of activities.

As a leading specialist in the sphere of nuclear plants safety, for many years he has been involved into formation of such activity direction in Russia. As a member of international consulting group on nuclear safety he participated in the development of the fundamental IAEA documents, such as INSAG-3, INSAG-4, INSAG-5 and INSAG-10.

Anatoly Bukrinskiy is regarded as one of the fathers of national regulatory framework for nuclear plants and the co-founder regarding the approaches to safety regulation in atomic energy. Anatoly Bukrinskiy was the Head of Nuclear Power Plants Safety Division of SEC NRS for many years (established by him).

Anatoly Bukrinskiy also participated in activities of international groups to develop regulatory requirements in respect to nuclear plants safety issues; in his capacity as the IAEA expert he made statements on these issues.

He led series of international projects on nuclear plants safety, including TACIS programm. In 1994 Anatoly Bukrinskiy was awarded the honorary title "Distinguished Power Engineer of the Russian Federation", and in 1997 he was presented with the excellence award “Veteran of Atomic Engineering and Industry”.

Currently Anatoly Bukrinskiy activities in SEC NRS are dedicated to aspects of legislation in the sphere of atomic energy use, safety regulation, updating of rules and regulations in the sphere of atomic energy use and their harmonization with the IAEA safety standards (Anatoly Bukrinskiy was involved into working group to develop new revision of “General Safety Provisions for NPP” (NP-001-15, approved in December 17 of 2015); and now he is participating in revision of rules and regulations on I&C systems of nuclear plants covering programmable digital ones and he is the key developer of Safety Guide RB-102-15 “Recommendations to the Structure and Content of BDBA Management Guide (including Severe Accidents”). Anatoly Bukrinskiy also participated actively in support to research works launched to carry out assessment of the safety concept of nuclear plants’ innovative designs.

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