Electronic version of publications timed to the 25-th anniversary of the computer codes certification is available

Electronic version of  publications timed to the 25-th anniversary  of the computer codes certification is available 01.03.2017

Electronic version of publications dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of computer codes certification used in nuclear facilities safety demonstration is available. These publications summed up the outcomes from 25 years of work of Rostechnadzor Council for computer codes certification; issues related to computer codes verification are discussed. These publications also include studies dedicated to formation of computer codes certification system.

Contents of publication

Part I. Outcomes from the 25 years of work of Expert council for computer codes certification

  • “Status and development of computer codes system certification”. О.М. Kovalevich, А.А.Khamaza, S. N. Bogdan, S.А.Shevchenko.
  • Board № 1 “Neutronic calculations”. S.М.Zaritsky
  • Board № 2 “Heat transfer and hydrodynamics analysis; neutronic and thermohydraulic coupled calculations; simulation of unsteady and emergency processes”. S.L.Solovjev, R.L.Fuks, О.Yu. Kavun, S.N.Lozhkin, S.А.Shevchenko, R.А.Shevchenko
  • Board № 3 “Radiation protection and radiation safety calculations”, А.V. Nikitin, А.I.Popykin,R.А.Shevchenko
  • Board № 4 “Calculation of stress and strain behaviour and strength analysis regarding components of core, equipment and pipelines of nuclear facilities”. V.S.Rubtsov
  • Board № 5 “PSA. Reliability analysis of I&C systems for technological processes”, G.А. Еrshov, V.B.Morozov, G.I.Samokhin, Е.А.Shiversky
  • Board № 6 “Calculations for building structures of nuclear facilities and their response to external impacts”. I.V. Kaliberda,S.S.Nefedov, Т.Z.Yugaj
  • Board № 7 “Computation simulation of physical and chemical processes influencing nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear facilities”. R.B. Sharafutdinov, N.L.Kharitonova, S.А.Shevchenko

Part II. Challenges, background and prospects

  • “Improvement of regulatory requirements to computer codes used in nuclear facilities safety demonstration”. S.N. Bogdan, N.А. Коzlova, S.L.Solovjev, А.А. Khamaza, R.B.Sharafutdinov, S.А. Shevchenko
  • “On CFD codes certification problems”. S.N. Lozhkin, S.А.Shevchenko, D.А.Yashnikov
  • “Analysis of safety review results in the part of comments to computer codes used in safety demonstration”. А.V. Аverjanov, S.N. Bogdan, N.М.Zhylmaganbetov, А.I. Popykin, R.А. Shevchenko, S.А. Shevchenko
  • “Computer codes certification – the history of formation and development”. B.G. Gordon
  • “The initial goal is achieved, but much more appears desirable”. Interview with О.М. Коvalevich

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