The first internet-conference “Information openness of the Federal Target Programme “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” (FTP NRS-2) launches on April 13, 2017

10.04.2017 In the period from April 13 to 28 the internet-conference “Informational openness of the Federal Target Programme “Nuclear and Radiation Safety in 2016-2020 and until 2030” and public outreach principles” will take place on фцп-ярб internet-portal. Such event is held for the first time. Within this event frames, everybody will have an opportunity to question the nuclear industry experts and to take part in questionnaire.

The Federal Target Programme “Nuclear and Radiation Safety in 2016-2020 and until 2030” (hereinafter – The Programme) is aimed at integrated approach to address ‘nuclear legacy’ in the RF; creation of infrastructure to transfer SNF and RW into the safe condition and implementation of major practical activities for development of new methods for waste and SNF reprocessing and disposal. All efforts should be to improve the quality and standard of life for citizens of Russia. Information portal фцп-ярб is created for communicating information concerning The Programme implementation process and results achieved.

This Conference organized as a dialogue with the public on the internet- portal platform is designed to make the Programme more open and clear and to establish basic principles of information dissemination during further dialogue with the public. Leading experts of the industry will present comments regarding more urgent problems and public concerns on the questions of the conference.

The Conference will start on April 13 and is scheduled to take place for two weeks; the results will be summed up in early May; experts’ answers and comments are to be published.

The specialists of atomic industry, representatives of the Public Council of SC “Rosatom”, scientific institutions and universities are welcomed to be experts in this Conference: Viktor Murugov (Head of International Center on Nuclear Education, Professor of Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of National Research Nuclear University); Arutyunyan Rafael, IBRAE RAS Deputy Director on scientific activity and coordination of forward-looking developments); Alexander Nikitin (member of Public council of SC “Rosatom”); Stepan Kalmykov (Radiochemistry Department Chair of the MSU’s Department of Chemistry, Doctor of Science, Professor ); Viktor Ivanov (Deputy Director for research and clinical activity of Medical Radiological Research Center n.a. A.F.Tsyba - branch of FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Leader of Radiation and Epidemiological Sector – National Radiation and Epidemiological Register; Head of the Russian scientific commission on radiological protection under the RAS) as well as representatives of other organizations of the industry.

Internet-conference format used to consider information openness issues in the course of The Programme implementation is undertaken for the first time. It is planned that similar type of discussions will be a traditional dialogue format on FTP “Nuclear and Radiation Safety in 2016-2020 and until 2030” portal.

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