Federal rules and regulations «Safety Rules for NFC Nuclear Installations Decommissioning» (NP-057-17) entered into force

23.07.2017 This FRR regulates the issues on safety ensuring during decommissioning of a nuclear installation of nuclear fuel cycle within all stages of its life-cycle as well as the requirements to the Programme on decommissioning of a nuclear installation of nuclear fuel cycle and its Complex Engineering and Radiation Survey; this document extends to NFC nuclear installations under siting, design, construction, operation and decommissioning.

This document is issued to replace FRR «Safety Rules for NFC Nuclear Installations Decommissioning» (NP-057-04).

This document is developed  on the basis of regulatory legal acts  of the Russian Federation, FRRs in the field of the use atomic energy and taking into account the IAEA publications: «Fundamental Safety Principles. Safety Fundamentals» (SF-1), «Decommissioning of Facilities. General Safety Requirements» (GSR, Part 6), «Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities. Safety Requirements» (NS-R-5 (Rev.1).

Order of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service No. 205 (dated by June 14, 2017) « On Approval  of the Federal Rules and Regulations in the Field of  Atomic Energy Use «Decommissioning of Facilities. General Safety Requirements » is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on July 11, 2017, registration number No. 47355.

This document is developed in SEC NRS with contribution from Bochkarev V.V., Schadilov A.E, Ponizov А.V., Sharafutdinov R.B. (SEC NRS), Morev M.N. (Rostechnadzor).

Comments and suggestions provided by State Corporation «Rosatom», JSC «SCC»,  FSUE «PO Mayak», JSC «NIKIET», FSUE «MCC», “Pilot and Demonstration Center for Decommissioning  of Uranium-Graphite Nuclear Reactors” JSC (“PDC UGR” JSC) and others were taken into account.

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