Draft Federal Safety Regulations “Accounting of External Natural and Man-Induced Impacts on Nuclear Facilities”

The Regulations stipulate the requirements to accounting of the external natural and man-induced impacts onto nuclear installations, radiation sources, storage facilities of categories I and II considering potential radiation hazard, as well as on radioactive wastes disposal facilities of categories I – III considering potential radiation hazard (nuclear facilities) in the process of siting, design, construction, operation and decommissioning (closure), and also the requirements to:

• engineering surveys and studies of processes, phenomena and factors of natural and man-induced origin;
• ensuring the stability and safety of nuclear facilities under external impacts;
• engineering protection for a nuclear facility site;
• engineering protection against external impacts onto a nuclear facility;
• monitoring of the external impacts.

The Draft is available on our website in the section “Draft Regulatory Documents”, and will be posted on the official website of Rostechnadzor in the Section “Development of Rostechnadzor Regulatory Legal Acts” in line with the Article 25 of the “Procedure for Development and Approval of the Federal Safety Regulations in the Field of Atomic Energy Use” applied in Rostechnadzor (Order of July 7, 2015 No. 267).

Commencement date for comments is October 2, 2017. Expiry date for comments is November 2, 2017.

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