“AtomEco 2017” will discuss the issues of “Clean Energy for Future Generations” from the perspective of environmental safety and sustainable development


On November 21-22 the International Public Dialogue-Forum and Exhibition “AtomEco 2017” will take place in the World Trade Center in Moscow. The event was organized upon an initiative of the State Corporation ROSATOM with the purpose to discuss the results of the activity related to assurance of nuclear, radiation and environmental safety, as well as to elaborate new challenges in the field of favourable environment preservation together with the public representatives and scientific organizations.

The main theme of AtomEco-2017 is the “Clean Energy for Future Generations”. The agenda will be opened by the plenary session with the participation of Alexey Likhachev, Director General of the State Corporation ROSATOM; Sergey Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the RF; Mikhail Chudakov, the IAEA Deputy Director General; Alexey Aleshin, the Chairman of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia; Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of NRC Kurchatov Institite. The experts will discuss the future nuclear power industry from the perspective of environmental safety, economics and sustainable development.

Panel discussions and sessions will be held in frames of three topical tracks: “Safety, Nuclear Technologies, Ecology”, “Regulation and Environmental Protection” and “Society and Nuclear Power”. The following issues will be discussed:

  • the current challenges and approaches to safety regulation in the field of atomic energy use;
  • creation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle as the basis for the environmentally-friendly nuclear power;
  • advanced technologies and best practices in the field of waste management;
  • ecological aspects for the Arctic Region development;
  • demolition of nuclear legacy facilities in the North-West of Russia;
  • international cooperation experience in solving environmental challenges;
  • transformation of the RF Law in the field of environmental protection;
  • modern formats for public discussions, and other topics.

The agenda envisages participation of international experts, representatives of foreign companies and international organizations; among them are as follows: IAEA, NEA OECD, National Agency of France for RW Management (ANDRA), Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK), DBE (Germany), SKB (Sweden), KORAD (the Republic of Korea).

The exhibition platform “Atom Eco 2017” will present the advanced technologies for clean-up of various media, reprocessing of industrial and household wastes, management of RW & spent nuclear fuel, and decommissioning.

The Forum arrangers are the ATOMEXPO Communication Company and the Scientific and Research Institute for Ecology Problems. For detailed information, please, refer to: www.atomeco.org, tel. +7 (499) 922-89-95, email atomeco@atomexpo.com.

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