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Our Centre launches a new web-site of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Journal. There you'll find the archive of articles for the past years, official documents, drafts of regulatory documents, international and reference information. Almost all articles of the Journal are available for free. The documents of interest can be easily ordered directly from the document page. We invite all specialists interested in nuclear and radiation safety to check out the web-site of our Journal.

Reference information

The quarterly scientific and practical journal "Nuclear and Radiation Safety" (the former name up to 2005 — "Bulletin of Gosatomnadzor of Russia") celebrates this year the 20th anniversary from the date of its foundation. The Journal was founded in 1998 to upgrade the level of transparency in the field of state regulation of safety in atomic energy use. The Journal is an official publication of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostechnadzor). The Journal founder is the Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, which is the scientific and technical support organization (TSO) of Rostechnadzor.

The Nuclear and Radiation Safety Journal publishes scientific articles of the leading scientists, specialists and applicants for scientific degrees with the scientific results of analysis of the actual problems in the field of nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear facilities, including the issues related to neutronics, thermal physics, radiochemistry, hydrogeology, seismology, system analysis and others. This is the sole journal in the Russian Federation, which publishes the results of scientific support to the state safety regulatory authority in atomic energy use.

For the past 20 years, 87 issues have been published, containing more than 600 various materials, including more than 300 scientific papers belonging to the following speciality groups: 05.14.00 "Power engineering" (05.14.02 "Nuclear plants and electrical power systems", 05.14.03 "Nuclear power installations, including design") and 05.26.00 "Human activity safety" (05.26.02 "Safety in case of emergencies"; 05.26.03 "Fire and industrial safety"; 05.26.05 "Nuclear and radiation safety"; 05.26.06 "Chemical, biological and bacteriological safety").

The most important designation of the journal, which characterizes its specifics, is publication of the approved Federal Safety Regulations in the field of atomic energy use, as well as of the Safety Guides in atomic energy use and of the other regulatory legal acts. Such scientific papers are developed by the specialists of the scientific and technical support organization for safety regulation in atomic energy use, which employs, among others, the applicants for the scientific degrees. For the past 20 years, more than 150 draft Federal Safety Regulations and 225 approved regulatory legal acts of Rostechnadzor have been published.

The unique specific of the Journal public acceptance is that it publishes the draft Federal Safety Regulations for the purpose of wide attraction of citizens and organizations to the discussions. Up today, more than 11 000 comments to the draft documents have been considered. The Journal is included into the List of the reviewed scientific publications, where the main scientific results of dissertations of applicants for a scientific degree of a Candidate of Sciences, and of a Doctor of Sciences, are published by VAK.

The Journal addresses the topic of safety regulation at nuclear facilities in objective and professional manner, it makes use of well-deserved attention of readership both in Russia: the Journal regular subscribers are the specialists of the State Corporation ROSATOM, Rosenergoatom Concern JSC, JSC "Atomenergoproekt", JSC "NIKIET", JSC "NITI named after Alexandrov", JSC "PA"SEVMASH", JSC "VPO "ZAES", JSC "Atomtechenergo", FSUE "FSPC NIIIS named after Sedakov", FSUE "RosRao", RRC "Kurchatov Institute", JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine", and abroad: the Journal is distributed in Kazakhstan, Belarus, among the Journal readers are the specialists from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and other countries of Europe and USA.

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