Software products developed by SEC NRS have been subjected to the state registration procedure


In  SEC NRS the "Classifier INES 1.00" and "Information system on accidents at nuclear research installations" software products have been developed for the purposes of scientific and technical support to Rostechnadzor.

The "Classifier INES 1.00" software product is based on the methodology, described in the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale User's Manual dated of 2008.

"Classifier INES 1.00" allows

  • automation of the process of evaluation of the significance level of events, potential ones or those that have occurred in atomic energy use, according to INES;
  • reduction of the probability of human-induced errors and upgrading of the promptness of the above-mentioned evaluations;
  • automatic compiling of reports, containing brief information on the criteria, on the basis of which the evaluation of the event significance as per INES is obtained.
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The "Information system on accidents at nuclear research installations" software product is intended for display of information, contained in the Library of design-basis and beyond-design-basis accidents at nuclear research installations, developed with the purpose of scientific and technical support to the Information and Analytical Center of Rostechnadzor in frames of the Federal Target Programme "Nuclear and Radiation Safety for the period of 2016 – 2020 and up to 2030". Application of this software product contributed to prompt evaluation and prognosis of consequences of accidents, occurred at nuclear research installations. The software product allows obtaining of information on the initiating event of an accident, its development, sources of emergency releases, ways of proliferation of radioactive substances, and radiation consequences of an accident.

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Both software products have been subjected to the procedure of state registration with the issuance of the appropriate certificates.

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Rostechnadzor experts obtain the data released by SEC NRS through a special procedure .


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