Draft Federal Safety Regulations has been developed


Draft Federal Safety Regulations in the field of atomic energy use "Fundamental Rules on Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials" has been developed.

The Draft is presented on our website in the Section "Draft Regulatory Documents".

Comments are to be sent to our e-mail secnrs@secnrs.ru. Starting date for the comments is June 5, 2019 , deadline is July 5, 2019.

Fundamental Rules on Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials

The Fundamental Rules stipulate fundamental principles, requirements and criteria for the state accounting and control of nuclear materials in any chemical compounds, physical forms and aggregate states, mandatory for implementation by all legal entities inspite of their legal organizational form and form of ownership with regard to nuclear materials, performing activities related to production, use, processing, storage, transport, export, import and transfer of nuclear materials across the Russian Federation state boundary.

Requirements of the mentioned Rules do not cover nuclear materials, applied for development, manufacture, test, operation and disposal of nuclear weapons and military-oriented nuclear installations.

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