Discussion of the federal rules and regulations draft “Basic rules of nuclear materials accounting and control”

A meeting dedicated to the discussion of feedback related to the draft of the federal rules and regulations NP-030-XX “Basic rules of nuclear materials accounting and control” will take place on September 17, 2019 at 10 am at the Rostechnadzor Department of Special Security.

Feedback is available at our web-site in section " Regulatory documents development".

These rules establish the basic principles, requirements and criteria of state accounting and control of nuclear material in any chemical compounds, physical states and states of aggregation. The principles, requirements and criteria are binding on all legal entities involved in nuclear materials production, use, processing, storage, transport, export, import and transit through the Russian Federation state borders regardless of their form of business ownership and the form of ownership of nuclear materials. The requirements of these rules do not cover nuclear materials used in the development, testing, operation and disposal of nuclear weapons and military nuclear installations.

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