SEC NRS and FSUE «Production Association «Mayak» signed an Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation

06.11.2019 SEC NRS and FSUE “Production Association “Mayak” concluded an Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation concerning the conduct of research (R&D) and its evaluation, mutual scientific and technical assistance, the development of scientific and human capacity, maintenance of critical competencies in the following areas:
  • radioactive waste management (RW), including storage and disposal;
  • reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel of various types, including reduction of the amount of RW generated at all stages;
  • safety stages of the nuclear fuel cycle, including the use of new fuel types and the development of radionuclide transmutation technologies;
  • improving the safety of nuclear energy facilities, including the regulation and control of emissions and discharges of radioactive substances into the environment, fire and explosion safety of technological processes, the development of automation and robotics of technological processes and equipment, as well as the use of digital systems;
  • analysis and safety assessment of existing and developed (designed) technologies and facilities for the use of nuclear energy.

The agreement contains 13 main activities focused on the development of recommendations and methodological documents to ensure safety in the design, siting, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power facilities, including the development and evaluation of new technologies aimed at reduction of the quality of liquid and solid radioactive waste; conduct of research on the regulation and control of emissions and discharges of radioactive substances to improve the methodological and regulatory and technical base for ensuring the safety of nuclear power facilities; conduct of research to justify the safety of technologies for processing new types of spent nuclear fuel, as well as spent nuclear fuel with an increased fuel burnup.

The Agreement also covers the development of human resources of FSUE “Production Association “Mayak” and SEC NRS (organization of scientific and technical support to Rostechnadzor) redarding nuclear technologies and safety issues in the field of atomic energy use, including joint meetings of the scientific and technical Council.
The scientific and technical cooperation and research will result in joint scientific articles, publications, reports.

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