Amendments to the NP-053-16


On November 17, 2020 amaendments to the Federal Safety Regulations in the Field of Atomic Energy Use NP-053-16 "Safety Rules in Transportation of Radioactive Materials" approved by the Order of Rostechnadzor No.388 of 15.09.2016 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on 24.01.2017 under the No. 45375) are coming into effect.

The amendments were developed to bring the NP-053-16 in compliance with the IAEA Safety Standards "Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material" (SSR-6).

The amendments to the NP-053-16 deal with clarification of the test procedure for the packages of type C (i. (а) NP-053-16) and bringing it to conformance with the provisions of i. 734 (с) SSR-6, and also with updating of activity limits for materials of low specific activity (NUA) and items with the surface radioactive contamination (OPRZ) (incombustible solid and combustible solid substances, as well as liquids and gases) given in Table 11 of Appendix 4 to NP-053-16 and bringing the mentioned limits into line with the provisions of Table 6 SSR-6.

Order of Rostechnadzor of 5.10.2020 No. 385 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on 05.11.2020 under the No. 60764).

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