The 99th issue of the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical has come out




Official documents

  • Recommendations for the Development of Probabilistic Safety Analysis (Level 1 PSA) in Case of Initiating Events at a Nuclear Unit Conditioned by On-site Fires and Flooding. RB-076-20.
  • Recommendations on the Procedure, Scope, Methods and Means of Control over Radioactive Wastes to Confirm their Compliance with the Disposal Acceptance Criteria. RB-155-20.

International information

  • List of international organizations' documents approved in 2021.

The official issue. Issued since 1998.

Editorial Board

A. V. Ferapontov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Rostechnadzor, Moscow;
E. G. Kudryavtsev, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Rostechnadzor, Moscow;
M. I. Miroshnichenko, Rostechnadzor, Moscow;
V. A. Sidorenko, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, Professor, RAS Corresponding Member, NRC "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow.

Editorial Staff

Chief Editor
A. A. Khamaza, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, SEC NRS, Moscow.
Deputy Chief Editor
R. B. Sharafutdinov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, SEC NRS, Moscow.
Editorial Staff members

E. G. Bugaev, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, SEC NRS, Moscow;
O. Yu. Kavun, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, SEC NRS, Moscow;
A. V. Kuzmin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, State Scientific Institution "The Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny" of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus;
A. M. Martirosyan, the Nuclear Safety Committee affiliated to the Government of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia;
I. P. Sokolov, Doctor in Chemistry, Professor, SEC NRS, Moscow;
A. A. Stroganov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, SEC NRS, Moscow;
A. P. Khomyakov, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, Professor, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg;
U. Shtoll,Association for Safety of Installations and Reactors (GRS), Reactor Safety Commission (RSK), Garching bei München, Federal Republic of Germany.

Executive Editor

A. V. Balalaechnikov, SEC NRS, Moscow.

Executive Secretary

T. V. Sinitsyna, SEC NRS, Moscow.


Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SEC NRS).


N. R. Bolshakova, SEC NRS, Moscow.

Editors of the Issue

T. A. Krasotina, D. R. Lukyanova, SEC NRS, Moscow.

Computer-Aided Makeup

A. N. Lukyanov, SEC NRS, Moscow.

ISSN 2218-8665 (print), ISSN 2218-869X (online).

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