Working visit of Rostechnadzor Leadership to SEC NRS

12.06.2021 At the meeting the effort of SEC NRS in the area of scientific and technical support to Rostechnadzor regulatory activity was addressed. Mr. A.A. Khamaza, Director of SEC NRS, presented major fields of the activities performed, including: drafting of regulatory legal documents, safety review of nuclear facilities and activities therein, review of computer codes applied for safety justification, review of drafted standards for permissible emissions and discharges of radioactive substances from nuclear facilities, information and analytical works, participation in international cooperation, assistance in creation of regulatory infrastructure in countries, which are customers for construction of Russian-design nuclear facilities and etc.

The priority targets for SEC NRS were also considered in perspective, including rendering scientific and technical support to Rostechnadzor in the issues of safety regulation of the created small modular nuclear reactors, developed technologies of the controlled thermonuclear fusion and hydrogen energy, addressed were the approaches implemented in SEC NRS in relation to quality assurance of works performed, maintenance of the required potential of specialists, application of digital technologies.

In the process of the working meeting Mr. A.V. Trembitsky and Mr. A.V. Ferapontov visited the Analytical Center of SEC NRS which provides scientific and technical support to the Information and Analytical Center of Rostechnadzor. Information was presented about tools used for prompt prognosis of accident development and evaluation of radiation consequences.

Based on the results of the working visit, Mr. A.V. Trembitsky noted the considerable contribution of SEC NRS to support the regulatory activity of Rostechnadzor, entrusting to present the positive image of the Service on global platforms further on with the account of the accumulated experience and growing potential of SEC NRS as the scientific and technical support organization for Rostechnadzor.

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Rostechnadzor experts obtain the data released by SEC NRS through a special procedure .


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