Enactment of the Safety Guide RB-004-21

08.07.2021 On July 7, 2021 the Safety Guide RB-004-21 "Recommendations on Creating of a List of Radionuclides to be Controlled in Conditioned Radioactive Wastes at Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities" has been put into effect.

The Safety Guide contains recommendations on creation and justification of a list of radionuclides to be controlled in conditioned radioactive wastes at nuclear fuel cycle facilities for the purporses of safety in the process of disposal.

The Safety Guide RB-004-21 covers the nuclear fuel cycle facilities, including uranium ore exploitation and milling sites, being under design, construction, operation and decommissioning.

The recommendations of the Safety Guide can be applied in the process of creation and justification of a list of radionuclides to be controlled in radioactive wastes disposed at disposal facilities for special radioactive wastes included into the scope of a nuclear fuel cycle facility.

The Safety Guide RB-004-21 does not cover the activity on management of spent sealed ionizing radiation sources assigned to radioactive wastes.

The Safety Guide is intended to be used:
by organizations involved in the activity on design, operation and decomissioning of nuclear fuel cycle facilities;
by the national operator for radioactive waste management.

Order of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia of July 7, 2021 No. 251. The full text of the document is available by link.

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