Enactment of NP-011-21


On October 9, 2021 the Federal Safety Regulations NP-011-21 "Requirements to Safety Analysis Report for Nuclear Maintenance Ships" is coming into effect.

The Federal Safety Regulations stipulates the requirements to the structure and content of the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) for nuclear maintenance ships, as well as to the procedure of SAR development and updating in compliance with the actual state of a nuclear maintenance ship.

The requirements of NP-011-21 cover SARs for nuclear maintenance ships being:

  • at the stage of construction (building);
  • at the stage of operation, safety analysis for construction (building) of which was carried out meeting the aforesaid Requirements.

The Requirements are mandatory to be observed by operating organizations, as well as by leading design organizations and organizations-developers of the design of safety important systems and nuclear maintenance ships, involved in the elaboration of Safety Analysis Reports.

Order of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia of August 23, 2021 No. 285 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on September 28, 2021 under the No. 65164). The full text of the document is available by link.

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