Workshop of SEC NRS and "Proryv" project on the issues of estimate of calculation errors of fast neutron reactors' neutronic characteristics

19.11.2021 The Workshop became the first one in a series of workshops aimed at discussion and development of common methodological approaches to estimate of uncertainties in the process of verification/validation of computer codes for neutronic calculations, and to account such uncertainties in justification of fast neutron reactors' nuclear safety.

The Workshop was opened by Mr. E.O. Adamov, Research Supervisor of the "Proryv" project. SEC NRS presented a report on the current Rostechnadzor requirements and recommendations to the analysis of errors of the results of neutronic calculations, while the JSC "Proryv" gave a presentation on the needs in methodological support to verification/validation of computer codes and planning of new experiments in support of the NPP designs with fast neutron reactors under development.

The Workshop participants emphasized the timeliness of issues raised at the Workshop both for justification, and for safety regulation. In this context, a decision on continuation of a practice of joint workshops in 2022 was made supposing to discuss issues related to estimate of systematic and constant uncertainties for neutronic calculations, including the use of microdata, as well as integral and in-reactor experiments, and also the results of the development and application of the new system of constants BNAB-RF-2020.

Reference information: more than 50 representatives from nuclear power industry, Rostechnadzor, academies and higher education institutions took part in the Workshop, including SEC NRS, JSC "Proryv", IPPE JSC, NRC "Kurchatov Institute", JSC "NIKIET", FSUE ALEXANDROV NITI, JSC "Atomenergoproekt", JSC "Afrikantov. OKB Mechanical Engineering", JSC "SSC RIAR", IBRAE RAS, FSUE "RFNC-VNIITF", IPMech RAS, MEPhI, JSC AKME-engineering.

The Workshop was conducted using the SEC NRS digital platform

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