SEC NRS took part in the EUROSAFE Forum and in the ETSON General Assembly meeting

07.12.2021 Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SEC NRS delegation had no possibility to attend the Forum in presentia. Nevertheless, the reports of the SEC NRS experts were presented at the meeting in the format of video messages:

— "Major Requirements to Seismic Stability of Nuclear Plants in the RF Regulatory Documents";
— "Explosion Safety of Evaporation Processes of Nitric Acid Solutions with Organic Water-Soluble Compounds in the Course of SNF and RW Processing";
— "Existing and Advanced Methods for Determination of the Activity Equivalent in Spent Nuclear Fuel Processing"/

A video message of Mr. Alexander Khamaza, SEC NRS Director and ETSON Vice-President, was presented to the attention of the Forum participants. In this message, on behalf of Rostechnadzor authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation to organize and conduct the IAEA International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSOs) in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security (TSO Conference-2022), Mr. Alexander Khamaza invited the foreign colleagues to take part in the mentioned important event that will be held in St. Petersburg in October 2022.

On November 24, the ETSON General Assembly meeting was held in the on-line format with the participation of the SEC NRS representatives.

In the course of the meeting Mr. Alexander Khamaza informed the participants on the progress of preparation to the TSO Conference-2022, while Mr. Denis Mistryugov, Head of International Cooperation Division and a Chairman of the ETSON Working Group on Communications, reported on the results and perspectives of the activity of the aforesaid ETSON Working Group.

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