Implementation of digital transformation projects

08.12.2021 Within October 11 - December 3, 2021 the intersectoral flow listeners were trained under the advanced professional training program "Implementation of digital transformation projects" in the Digital Transformation Leadership and Teams Training Center based on the Graduate School of Public Management (GSPM) of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) (hereinafter to be referred to as the Center).

The training was based on the continuous team work. The following tools for team remote work were used for interaction: communication in messengers, videoconferencing, interactive whiteboards, as well as cloud services for joint work with documents and cross-platform online services for interface designers and web developers.

A project on creation of a "Digital Platform for Building Cyber Security Systems" (hereinafter to be referred to as the Project) was selected as a pilot project for the team work. The Project goal was to reduce transaction costs between the concerned parties in the field of cyber security, also due to automation of the activity and efficient performance of Regulators' functions in the field of cyber security and during interaction with the subjects of supervision (control) using the single information space and information integration of administrative and control processes at all levels.

Continuous feedback from the Center experts in the course of the team work under the Project helped to the team consisting of the following members to enhance the degree of the Project elaboration, upgrade it to the stage of a prototype, and also to coordinate the Project goals with the goals and challenges of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation":

  • E.G. Aptekin, Deputy Minister for Transport and Traffic Infrastructure of the Moscow Region;
  • A.V. Balalaechnikov, Head of the SEC NRS Information and Analytical Division;
  • M.N. Zakirov, Deputy Minister for Industry and Nuclear Power Generation of the Chechen Republic;
  • Yu. Yu. Kononova, First Deputy Minister, Director of Administrative and Legal Department of the Novgorod Region Public Management Ministry;
  • A.S. Kreymer, Head of Information Technologies Center, Associate Professor of Academic Department for Computer Technologies and Systems of the Kuban State Agrarian University, Candidate of Engineering Sciences;
  • A.V. Sabriga, First Deputy Minister for Saratov Region Subnational Entities;
  • A.D. Severinov, Deputy Minister for Education and Guidance of the Ulyanovsk Region;
  • E.A. Tarnavskiy, Deputy Minister for Environment and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • E.M. Khanbikova, Deputy Director General for Cyber Security and Information Technologies of GS Group Conglomerate (Sakhalin);
  • D.V. Sheloumov, SEC NRS Deputy Director (the Project mover).

Together with the knowledge and skills obtained in implementation of projects and programs for public management digital transformation considering the perspectives of transition to digital economy, the training result was the Project defence in front of the Center experts. As a result, the Project developed by the team was estimated with the maximum possible grade.

Upon the training completion the listeners obtained advanced professional training certificates of the Graduate School of Public Management (GSPM) of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

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