Drafted Federal Safety Regulations


Draft Federal Safety Regulations in the field of atomic energy use "Safety Rules for Radioactive Materials Transport at Nuclear Facilities" has been developed.

The Federal Safety Regulations stipulates the safety requirements for radioactive materials on-site transportation, excluding nuclear fuel and spent nuclear fuel, and the requirements to design and engineering of on-site transportation packages.

The Federal Safety Regulations covers the activity on radioactive materials management, also in a scope of items, during on-site transportation.

The Federal Safety Regulations does not cover radioactive materials on-site transportation by pipeline transport and radioactive materials transportation within the limits of production premises and facilities, nor the activity related to development, manufacture, testing, operation and disposal of nuclear weapons and military nuclear power installations.

Draft document is available on the official website in the Section "Draft Regulatory Documents" and on the official website of Rostechnadzor in the Section "Development of Rostechnadzor Regulatory Legal Acts".

Comments are welcomed to the e-mail: secnrs@secnrs.ru. Commencement date for comments is December 16, 2021, expiry date for comments is January 16, 2022.

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