Scientific and Technical Council


Decision of the Scientific and Technical Council of SEC NRS

At the meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council the following reports of SEC NRS young specialists were presented and discussed

  1. Alexander Emelianov (Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities Safety Division) "Study of Thermal Stability of the Sorbent КУ-2*8 in Contact with the Nitric Acid in Isochoric Conditions".
  2. Pavel Rodin (Civil Structures Reliability Division) "Computed Model for Reinforced Concrete Structures of "Hot" Premises with the Account of Crack Formation".
  3. Alexey Samokhin and Pavel Fedorov (NPP Safety Division) "Application of ATHLET Code in Safety Review of Power Units in Operation by the Example of At-Reactor Fuel Pool".
  4. Victor Semishin (NPP Safety Division) "Study of Possibility for Multiple Re-Use of Spent Nuclear Fuel at VVER NPPs".
  5. Dmitriy Sorokin (Nuclear and Radiation Safety General Issues Division) "Software Implementation of the Nuclear and Radiological Events Ranking Techniques according to INES".

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Scientific and Technical Council of SEC NRS is considered to be the permanent advisory body, which includes its Chairman (SEC NRS Director), Deputy Chairmen (Deputy Directors), Scientific Secretary, members of STC (regular members) and Council of Elders – the honorable members of STC from among scientific workers who have made significant contribution to the development of the main directions of SEC NRS activity.

Basic tasks of Scientific and Technical Council:

  • shaping of scientific and engineering policy of SEC NRS;
  • improvement of effectiveness and scientific level of works under implementation by SEC NRS;
  • R&D activities directions-finding, formulation of proposals for their fulfillment;
  • coordination of activities between SEC NRS subdivisions ;
  • assessment of achievements within R&D finalized.

In accordance with basic tasks of STC, it summarizes and analyses domestic and international experience in nuclear and radiation safety regulation, makes recommendations for its enhancement and advance; addresses issues and makes proposals in respect to the directions of SEC NRS activities including compilation, analysis and dissimilation of scientific experience and knowledge in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation.

Consequently, Scientific and Technical Council is considered to be as the biggest internal platform for scientific discussions regarding agenda issues.


Rostechnadzor experts obtain the data released by SEC NRS through a special procedure .


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