Seminar of Professor S.L. Soloviev on topic “Remaining Challenges. Safety Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants” was held in SEC NRS

On May 12, 2015 the Conference hall of SEC NRS hosted the seminar given by Professor S.L. Soloviev (OJSC VNIIAES) on topic: “Remaining Challenges. Safety Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants”.

S.L. Soloviev is one of the most authoritative members of the Expert Council on software certification established under the aegis of Rostechnadzor. He is the leader of the Expert Council subpanel on thermo-hydraulic codes review.

Definitely, this subpanel experience shaped the basis for analysis in respect to the number of important challenges and some of them urgently need solutions. The seminar addressed the current problems concerned with NPPs’ safety justification (thermo-physical aspects). 

Presentation made by S.L. Soloviev prompted extensive discussions that resulted in proposals from the leading specialists of SEC NRS on preparation of the similar detailed scientific summary reports in relation to the other scientific directions of safety justification: neutronic and strength calculations, issues concerned with radiation protection.

The view has been expressed that based on the information presented, Professor S.L. Soloviev should prepare an article to be published in Scientific and Practice Periodical “Nuclear and Radiation Safety”.

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