The Memorandum of Intentions on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear and Radiation Safety for the Years 2013-2015 between SEC NRS and Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) was signed by A. Khamaza, Director of SEC NRS, and Frank-Peter Weiß, Scientific and Technical Director of GRS, on January 29, 2013 in frames of the GRS delegation visit to Moscow.


The following activities were carried out with the involvement of SEC NRS specialists in 2014 under the Memorandum:

  • Workshop on the issues of development, validation and joint application of GRS calculation codes for safety analysis of nuclear reactors in Germany in frames of the scientific and technical cooperation between SEC NRS and GRS. The goal of the Workshop was to discuss with the users of ATHLET/COCOSYS code the perspectives of cooperation under item 5 of the Memorandum of Intentions. SEC NRS representative gave a presentation on the topic “Expert Evaluations of the Consequences of Emergency Modes with the Use of ATHLET Calculation Code in Support of Safety Review of Nuclear Facility”.
  • Working Meeting in Germany on the analysis of NPP operating experience in Russia, Ukraine and Germany. The main objective of the meeting was share of experience in operation of NPPs in Russia, Ukraine and Germany for the purpose of enhancement of the efficiency of the regulatory bodies of the aforesaid countries in the part of accounting of the operating experience feedback. SEC NRS representatives gave three presentations: “Structure and Content of the Safety Guide ‘Assessment of the Current Safety Level of Nuclear Facilities’ (in the context of NPPs)”, “Structure and Content of the Safety Guide ‘Assessment of the Efficiency of Corrective Measures against Violations in Operation of NPPs and Nuclear Research Facilities and Analysis of Information’ (in the context of NPPs)”, “Violations in Operation of the Russian VVER-type NPPs Caused by Failures of Pilot-Operated Safety Valves”.
  • Working Meeting in Germany on implementation of joint activities with regard to study of reactivity changes during transients and accidents at reactor installations of RBMK-1000 type using the ATHLET and QUABOX/CUBBOX codes, as well as to adoption and validation of calculation codes applied at safety analysis of sodium-cooled fast neutron reactors in frames of the Memorandum of Intentions.


Rostechnadzor experts obtain the data released by SEC NRS through a special procedure .


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