Requirements to manuscripts submitted to be published in the Scientific and Practice Periodical “Nuclear and Radiation Safety”

Each manuscript (hereinafter to be referred to as the Article), with personal signature of its author is to be submitted to Editorial Board of Scientific and Practice Periodical “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” (hereinafter to be referred to as the Periodical) in one hard copy and its electronic version saved in Word 7.0. format.

Expert conclusion in respect to open access publication of this Article is to be attached.

The main text of the Article (footnotes incl.) is typed with Arial font, size 12 point, interlinear spacing is 1.5. No shortening of words is allowed in text.

The front page is typed on a separate page and the following information is presented: surname, first name and patronymic, academic degree and title of author, workplace, position, together with telephone numbers for correspondence.

The Article is accompanied with an abstract and the list of keywords.

Abstract (its volume is up to 8 lines), the title of article, keywords, surnames and initials of authors are to be provided in English.

The volume of the Article (its text, tables, block-schemes, pictures, the list of references, summary in Russian language, keywords (up to 6 words)) shall not exceed 25 printed pages (of А4 format and typed with Arial font , size 12 point).

The number of tables (of 15 lines maximum) is maximum 5, the number of pictures (block-schemes) is maximum 5, the number of references is not above 15.

The table is to be prepared with MS Word directly in text of the article; its number and title is to be provided as well. All columns in the table are to be titled.

Please, note! There should be no tables at the end of the text.

The pictures are to be embedded into the text by the option “Insert” – “Picture” – “From File” with word wrap “In Text”, with center justification and no paragraph indention. No other kinds of insertion or word wrapping are allowed. Slides prepared in Power Point are not allowed to be copied into the text. Graphic materials are to be printed in black-and-white independently from the format of their presentation in colour or not.

Formulae should be prepared in formula editor Microsoft Equation 3.0 of the following sizes: common index is 14 points; large index is 12 points; small index is 10 points; large symbol is 16 points and small symbol is 10 points.

Formulae introduced as a picture are not allowed. It is not allowed to fit formulas sizes manually using relevant options. Font styles used: Times New Roman is used for styles Теxt, Functions, Variable, Matrix vector, Variable; Font Symbol is used for styles Greek and Symbol.

Oblique lettering is used for style ‘Variable’; semi-bold lettering is used for Matrix vector.

All Russian and Greek letters introduced into formulae are to be of upright type! Indication of trigonometric functions shall be of upright type. Latin letters shall be in italic type (oblique lettering).

Mathematical formulae are to be prepared uniformly through the text in respect to the application of font styles, symbols, method of formula introduction, use of indices, etc.

List of references shall be printed on the separate page. References are to be listed in accordance to their entries in the text. The surname of foreign author shall be provided in original transcription in correspondence with GOST R 7.0.5-2008. References cited in the Article should be numbered in square brackets [1].

All quantity dimensions shall be in accordance with SI-system, except for quantity dimensions traditionally measured in other systems.

All abbreviations used in the article should be explained except for short titles of well-known metric units.

Articles that meet the provided requirements shall be submitted to the address:

2/8 build. 5, Malaya Krasnoselskaya street, 107140 Moscow, Russian Federation, “Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety”, Editorial board of “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical,

but electronic versions of articles are to be provided by e-mail:

In case of non-compliance with the stated requirements on manuscript preparation, the Editorial Board reserves the right to disregard such manuscript.

Authors of the published materials are responsible for accuracy and validity in respect to the information, quotations, statistical data and facts presented provided.



Rostechnadzor experts obtain the data released by SEC NRS through a special procedure .


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