Категоризация источников

Additional to the provisions of “Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources”, SEC NRS has developed new revision of the federal regulations and rules “General Safety Provisions for Radioactive Sources”( NP-038-11). The requirement on obligatory categorization of radioactive sources due to their potential hazard is introduced into this document; such requirement allows the regulatory authority to: iaea
  • improve the efficiency of state regulation in respect to the types of activities involving the use of radioactive sources;
  • harmonize the supervisory activity of the regulatory authority with the international best practices.

Detailed description of methodology on radioactive sources categorization is provided by Safety Guideline “Recommendations to the Sealed Radionuclide Sources Categorization According to Potential Radiation Hazard” (RB-042-07). The mentioned Safety Guide covers methodology on the sealed radioactive sources categorization acceptable for Rostechnadzor with intent to provide the graded approach to their safety and physical protection. Категоризация радиоактивных источников

Categorization is based on clear and logically ordered methodology prepared by the IAEA for assignment of radioactive sources applied in various practices, such as research, medicine, industry, construction, education, etc., to one of five categories by considering their potential hazard and radioactive sources ranking to one of four groups in terms of their security (physical protection) provision in the course of particular operations carrying out. Categorizing system provides for comprehensive and internationally harmonized basis for decision-making on the grounds of acceptable risk due to graded approach and it facilitates the classification into categories of radioactive sources and practices in which they are used; this approach is being based on logical and transparent methodology. Categorization is relevant to the sealed radioactive sources, nevertheless, this methodology can be applied to categorization of the open radioactive sources as well.

Safety Guide (RB-042-07) is meant for individuals and organizations which performs activities in the field of use of atomic energy involving the sealed radioactive sources, carrying out works and rendering services, as well as for officials and specialists from the state authorities on safety regulation in the use of atomic energy in the part related to regulation of safety and security of the sealed radioactive sources and physical protection of the relevant facilities, including the following basic directions:

  • Development of regulatory (normative) documents for provision of safety and security of the sealed radioactive sources and the physical protection of the relevant facilities;
  • Licensing of the activities types in the field of use of atomic energy related with the use of the sealed radioactive sources;
  • Registration of activity involved with the operation of radionuclide sources containing radiation hazard category 4 and 5 radionuclide sources only;
  • State supervision and control over the safety and security of the sealed radioactive sources and for the physical protection of the relevant facilities;
  • State supervision in respect to the functioning of the system of state accounting and control of radioactive substances and radioactive waste in the course of control and accounting of the sealed radioactive sources;
  • State supervision and control over the sealed radioactive sources import and export and as a part of radioactive sources inclusively (installations, instrument/devices, products, etc.).
  • State supervision and control over the preparedness status of the subordinated organizations to eliminate radiological accidents.
  • Development of measures for control restoration in respect to the orphan sealed radioactive sources;
  • Presentation to the general public of the objective information regarding the potential radiological hazard of the sealed radioactive sources in case of no safety and protection measures are provided thereof .
Категоризация радионуклидных источников излучения

CD with training and methodological manual “Categorization of Radioactive Sources in Terms of Potential Radiation Hazard” is also developed in SEC NRS.

This training manual is aimed at presentation of scientific and methodological support to Interregional Territorial Departments for Supervision of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (ITD NRS) of Rostechnadzor at regulation of activities in the sphere of radioactive sources application.

This manual is considered as an electronic directory, which contains the following libraries (databases):

  • Radionuclides description (characteristics);
  • Models of the sealed radioactive sources;
  • Models of radioactive sources (installations, instruments/devices, products, equipment which contain radioactive substances);
  • Regulatory documents (including the IAEA standards), which are concerned with the introduction of the methodology for radioactive sources categorization by considering their potential hazard.

This electronic directory includes software modules, which allow to determine both the category due to its potential hazard and the resultant category of the radionuclide sources combination and to convert units of dosimetry quantities. Вычисление категории источников

CD with training and methodological manual consists of the following:

  • Training manual (reference book) for ITD NRS inspectors “Radioisotope Instruments, Installations and Radionuclide Sources”;
  • The IAEA Glossary with the terminology used in nuclear safety and radiation protection;
  • Documents for safety regulation in the sphere of application of radioactive sources , such as NP-038-11, RB-042-07, RB-054-09, RB-064-11, NP-067-11, NP-073-11; methodological materials on practical applications to identify the category of the radionuclide and radiation sources.

The electronic training and methodological manual (database) is developed in Access 2007 and is run on computers managed by Access 2007 runtime; it allows to use the embedded means on database control.

The electronic training and methodological manual can be useful to the inspectors staff of Rostechnadzor and organizations, which are operating radioactive sources within their activity , in licensing and in practical activity of the industry specialists for evaluation of radiological protection status of personnel, population and environment.

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