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11.11.2019 Enactment of NP-075-19
Requirements to Content of the Personnel Protection Action Plan in Case of an Accident at Nuclear Research Facilities.

06.11.2019 SEC NRS and FSUE «Production Association «Mayak» signed an Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation
SEC NRS and FSUE «Production Association «Mayak» signed an Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation concerning the conduct of research (R&D) and its evaluation, mutual scientific and technical assistance, the development of scientific and human capacity.

29.10.2019 Decree on state awards in the Russian Federation
The President signed a Decree on state awards in the Russian Federation.

"To award Mr Alexander A. Khamaza, Director of the Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, the city of Moscow, with a medal «For merits in the development of atomic energy» for merits in the provision of state supervision in the field of industrial and energy safety."

29.10.2019 RB-160-19 has been put into effect
Recommendations on Development of Program for Integrated Engineering and Radiation Survey of a Nuclear Facility.

28.10.2019 Technical visit of the participants of the VVER-WG at Tianwan NPP
A meeting of participants of the VVER Working group (VVER WG) of the Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP) with representatives of the National Nuclear Safety Administration of China (NNSA) and Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC), which is the operating organization of the Tianwan NPP, took place on October 24 and 25 within the framework of the technical visit to Tianwan NPP (Lianyungang city, China).

25.10.2019 Программа для ЭВМ «Информация о нарушениях в работе исследовательских ядерных установок» (ИоН ИЯУ) прошла процедуру государственной регистрации
The Code is intended for scientific and technical support of Rostechnadzor activity, as well as activity on planning and conduct of inspections and safety review for NRI. Principal users of the Code are the specialists of the scientific and technical support organizations of Rostechnadzor, employees of Rostechnadzor Headquarters and Interregional Territorial Departments for Supervision of Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

23.10.2019 RB-001-19 has been put into effect
On October 23, 2019, the Safety Guide RB-001-19 “Recommendations to the Content of the Report on In-depth Safety Analysis of NPP Power Units under Operation” has been put into effect.

07.10.2019 Conference of Young Scientists “Innovations in Nuclear Power” NIKIET 2019
The Conference of Young Specialists “Innovations in Nuclear Power” took place in JSC NIKIET within October 1 – 3, 2019. The major goal of the Conference was to upgrade the activity of young scientists and specialists in the scientific and engineering as well as in the production activity, the possibility to share good practices and to highlight the professional achievements. Specialists from more than 30 organizations of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM as well as from the related industry organizations and leading technical universities of Russia took part in the Conference.

03.10.2019 Issue No. 93 of the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical has come out
The periodical was signed to be published on September 27, 2019. On-line version of the Periodical is available at our web-site and in our free mobile application.

01.10.2019 Review Procedure for Draft Regulations on Permissible Emissions and Discharges enters into force
On October 12, 2019 the Review Procedure for Draft Regulations on Permissible Radioactive Substances Emissions/Discharges into Atmosphere/Water Bodies enters into force.

01.10.2019 The Maintaining Procedure for the Issued Authorizations Register for Emissions/Discharges is coming into effect
The Procedure stipulates the maintaining procedure for the issued authorizations register for radioactive substances emissions/discharges into atmosphere/water bodies.

20.09.2019 SEC NRS attended the regular session of the IAEA General Conference
SEC NRS representatives as a part of the Rostechnadzor delegation attended the events at the  63rd Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference (September 16-20, 2019, Vienna, Austria).

11.09.2019 RB-121-16 has been amended
Recommendations on the structure and contents of technical operating regulations for NPP unit with VVER-type reactor.

04.09.2019 Discussion of the federal rules and regulations draft “Basic rules of nuclear materials accounting and control”
On September 17, 2019 a meeting dedicated to discussion of feedback concerning the draft of the federal rules and regulations “Basic rules of nuclear materials accounting and control” will take place at the Rostechnadzor Department of Special Security.

27.08.2019 Participation at the EUROSAFE 2019, November 4 & 5 in Cologne, Germany

For the 19th time since 1999, experts from ETSON member organisations and representatives of regulatory authorities, scientific institutions and the industry from all over Europe and beyond will meet to discuss current topics in nuclear safety, nuclear waste management and radiation protection.

08.08.2019 Definition of the amount of charge for review of drafts of liquid and airborne radioactive discharge limits
Methodology to define the amount of charge will enter into force on August 17, 2019.

25.07.2019 Draft of the federal rules and regulations in the field of atomic energy use “Basic provisions for safety of nuclear technology service vessels” has been developed
Draft is available at our web-site section “Drafts of regulatory documents” and at the official Rostechnadzor web-site in section “Development of Rostechnadzor normative legal acts”.

Feedback shall be sent to secnrs@secnrs.ru from July 26, 2019 to August 26, 2019.

19.07.2019 RB-158-19 has entered into force
On July 19, 2019 the safety guide in the field of atomic energy use “Recommendations for planning and justification of technical maintenance reduction, decommissioning of certain systems and elements, changes in the number of operating personnel of NPP unit shut down for decommissioning” (RB-158-19) entered into force.

18.07.2019 Draft amendments to NP-089-15
Draft amendments to federal rules and regulations in the field of atomic energy use “Rules for design and safe operation of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power installations” (NP-089-15) have been prepared.

18.07.2019 Revocation of RB-024-11
Provision on basic recommendations for the development of level 1 probabilistic safety assessment for internal initiating events for all NPP unit regimes.

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